Forensic analyse is total sum of processes in which all procedures and technics are used to solve the case, report it and analyse the crime which are done by using devices such as computer, cell phone and similar devices. In such cases forensic analyse is committed in the field and generally all the processes are done in laboratory. The procedures operated in forensic analyse can be summarised as below;

  • Preparation for the forensic case
  • Gathering the evidences and protecting them
  • Investigation of the evidences via forensic methods
  • Revealing the findings
  • Presentation of the findings and report them
  • Preparing expert witness report over the case

Our team, which is capable of making extensive investigations over devices such as hard disc, mobile phone, GPS navigation device, modem and similar tools, is in your service to enlighten forensic cases and crimes by using similar environments. Robbery of commercial secrets, abuse of staff, remote access trials to company network, credit card fraud, theft of the money through leakage to internet branch of the banks, cheat of married couples, harassment and insult cases can be given as an example to forensic cases. In these cases, a one-to-one copy is formed, and these evidences are examined with professional forensic software by our experts and the case is solved in fastest way.