Plist Viewer

Plist files, known as Property List XML Files, contain a lot of valuable forensic information in Apple devices. Browser history, Wi-Fi access points, speed dials, Bluetooth settings, global applications settings, Apple Store settings and even more data can be extracted from .plist files.

Oxygen Forensic Plist Viewer offers convenient analyzing of device data:

  • Parse plain XML and binary XML files.
  • Plist Viewer runs automatically when opens compatible file.
  • Shows entries according to its type: string, data, numbers etc.
  • Ability to open external files for analysis.
  • Export .plist file data in XML format for further analysis by external tools.


Oxygen Forensic Suite 2013 is the only cell phone forensics software that offers convenient built-in Plist files analysis. We also offer standalone product for plist files analysis: Oxygen Forensic Plist Viewer.

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